The Art of Procrastination

Getting Back in the Groove

I’m not going to lie – I have put my art business on the back burner for longer than I want to acknowledge. Sure, I could spout excuses; I have plenty of good ones. I even thought about picking up with my blog posts like nothing ever happened. Maybe no one would notice that I haven’t posted anything since March. When it comes down to it, though, I want to be authentic. It’s time to quit the art of procrastination.

I am a part-time small business owner with a full-time career, a family and (dare I say it?) adult responsibilities. I only ever really started this business to cover the cost of supplies. Painting is an expensive hobby! I told myself going in to this adventure that if I could at least break even at the end of the year, then I fulfilled my goals. Mission: Success.

Enter Fiscal Year Number Two…

I’m all pumped and pleased with whatever small victories I managed the year prior. Humbled and encouraged by the support I had received, I was ready and determined to do even better.

It was so easy to set higher expectations for myself and my business. I started out this year thinking I would blog at least twice a month, make YouTube videos and step up my social media game on Facebook and Instagram. I did okay for a couple of months until life got in the way. Sure, I managed to do a little bit of experimenting on the odd free day, but overall, I let my entrepreneurial habits slide.

For example, after setting up this new website, I completely underestimated both how long it would take to inventory all my sell-able artwork and how much I really didn’t want to do it. Maybe one of these days I’ll write about how I do the write-ups for each piece of art, but actually doing product descriptions, editing photos and pricing everything is not a business habit that I have cultivated an appreciation for yet.

New business cards!

In any case, I have come to the realization that I better get back in the groove if I want to maintain my reputation. I have a free week while my daughter is frolicking at day camp. So far this week, I have organized my studio, restocked supplies, ordered new business cards, made a pocket doodler (more on this in the next post!), finished a couple of old projects and completed a new one with a YouTube video to accompany it!

Granted, I still have to photograph art, get inventory online, sign up for a art fair or two and work out kinks in my website, but that might just be a job for tomorrow…

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