Category: Lessons Learned

The Art of Procrastination

Getting Back in the Groove I’m not going to lie – I have put my art business on the back burner for longer than I want to acknowledge. Sure, I could spout excuses; I have plenty of good ones. I even thought about picking… Continue Reading “The Art of Procrastination”

Finding Inspiration to Start

A Guide for Newbie Artists As a self-taught artist, there are some online resources that are my go-to for inspiration, reference photos, and tutorials. I’d like to share them with you and I hope that you share some back. Anyone can create art, but… Continue Reading “Finding Inspiration to Start”

Three Simple Steps to Start Creating Art

Especially if You Aren’t an Artist So, it turns out that I am the most surprised person there is when it comes to making and selling art. I’m not trying to be modest here. I know I have and can make some good stuff… Continue Reading “Three Simple Steps to Start Creating Art”